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Ul. Juliana Bartoszewicza 3/15,16
00-337 Warszawa

First event this year organized by Happy Cup Sp. z o.o.

Why is it worth it?

“It's more effective to do something really valuable than counting on the fact that the logo or name will do it for you“

JASON COHEN, Smart Bear Software


This year's Conference Your Franchise Success will take place on 4-21 July in the capital of Poland-Warsaw. The meeting place is Maison de Lux on street Juliana Bartoszewicza 3 /15,16 Warsaw Śródmieście (around Metro Nowy Świat).

Organiser HAPPY CUP SP. Z O.O. has planned unique lectures and workshops focusing on facilitating work and improving the effectiveness of the franchise manager – and thus the development of the business network and improving the results of the licensor.

Speakers will show examples of precedent judicial decisions regarding the franchise. Participants will also learn about what are the current trends on the franchise market, how to cooperate with the franchisor - so that it satisfies both sides. How to be a leader and to raise motivation and enthusiasm? During the event, we will not only enrich knowledge about the global market and economy, we improve management skills, but also integrate, exchange experiences
and views how to manage the franchise system and points with success.

Initiative aims to present the essence of franchise as an interesting and forward-looking way for success in business. Participants will also learn why the franchise is one of the safest forms of doing business.

During the next days of the conference, brands from various sectors of the economy will be presented.

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Be the Boss of Yourself

#thisfeeling, when everything depends on you
Choose what you do, who you work with, how much you earn. Find your passion!
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You set it yourself. As an entrepreneur you are free - full-time employees can dream of such freedom.


As an entrepreneur, you can have several sources of income.

The most interesting issues related to the franchise are dedicated to a separate business panel

“If you do not build your dream, someone else will hire you to help him build his dreams.“ -TONY GASKINS

1. How to effectively start with your own business?

2. Franchise is the key to success. Why is a franchise a better solution than a business from "from scratch"?

3. What opportunities gives me a franchise - the rights and obligations of the franchisee and franchisor.

4. Food brands franchising - specificity, why it is worth.

5. What you need to know when running a cafe.

6. Business in the Beauty sector - how colorful cosmetics conquer the market.

7. Educational business without secrets.

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“If you can not do great things, do small things in a big way.“


5 inspirations

Discover the brands:

Happy Cup

Network of eco-friendly cafe characterized by spaces dedicated for families with children and business meetings.

Best professional service, Canadian coffee, delicious food, and a family atmosphere . Each of the cafes was created for you and your family. Starting from the menu through interior design, it is an unique place to work and relax.

Experience and passion create Happy Cup cafes - everyone can feel at home here.

Al Rifai

From 1948 with attention to quality . Lebanese quality of nuts and dried fruits can be available everywhere.

Chocolates, nougat, halva nuts are only a part of the rich assortment. The brand already has 350 stores around the world.

Kan Zamaan

The flavors of Jordan in Warsaw. Halal, original procedures, atmospheric interiors.

How to start in the catering industry? Menu worthy of the king and Kan Zamaan - kitchen from the kitchen.


The Italian network of color cosmetics has already conquered southern and western Europe . The brand is already present in more than 20 countries.

Italian design and style are known not only to connoisseurs. You want to become part of the fashion beauty market - sign up for a conference, learn about the secrets of the industry's success.


Education is the first step to success .

We prepare for studies in English. EPC is focused on medical but not only.

Passion and hard work makes people rich!

Find your sector that will allow you to spread your wings and give a new direction. We particularly liked the coffee market. What will you invest in?

On average, 90% of new companies that have bought a franchise license are successful in two years after the start - as opposed to stand-alone companies at which this ratio is 10%

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The conferenceit is dedicated mainly to potential contractors from North Africa, attending is restricted

If you are interested in recruitment, please subscribe to the next upcoming event.

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Maisson De Lux

Juliana Bartoszewicza 3/15,16(+48) 555-555-555contact@warsawfairs.com

Lecture Hours

15.07.201810:00 - 20:00
16.07.201810:00 - 17:00
17.07.201810:00 - 20:30
18.07.201810:00 - 16:00
19.07.201810:00 - 16:00
20.07.201810:00 - 16:00
21.07.201810:00 - 17:00
22.07.201810:00 - 17:00
23.07.201810:00 - 16:00
24.07.201810:00 - 14:00